How will the ticket sales be organised?

At the first stage, the tickets will be sold only online at the official website: tickets.volley.ru. 

At this stage the tickets will be sold without seat allocation: a customer would only be able to select a ticket category they would like to purchase. This is due to COVID-19 pandemics: at the moment it is impossible to predict how the situation will evolve and what restrictions on attendance will be in place.

At the second stage, which will start in spring 2022, the ticket holders will be informed about their seat allocations. 

Seats will be allocated automatically. Whenever possible, all tickets in one order will be assigned adjacent seats, and seating will be allocated according to the order in which the orders are received

The online ticket sales with seat selection will begin after it.

Offline sales at the venue ticket offices will start no later than 2 weeks before the start of the Championship.

As part of the fight against mass resale of tickets, tickets with barcodes will be sent to buyers one day before the match. The visitor of the match will be able to print this ticket or present it on a mobile device to enter the venue.

How many tickets could I buy?

The total limit on the tickets that can be purchased from one spectator account is no more than four tickets for matches with high demand (opening match, team Russia matches and the Finals), and no more than 20 tickets in total for Championship matches overall.

If I buy several tickets in the first phase, without seat allocation, will all of us be seated together?

The number of tickets purchased without a seat in one order will be taken into account at the seat allocation stage, and such tickets will be assigned the closest seats possible.

Will I be able to buy tickets on the day of the match?

If seats are available, it will be possible to buy a ticket on the day of the match both on the official website and at the ticket office at the venue. 

To avoid problems the Organizing Committee recommends purchasing tickets to matches of the Championship in advance.

Please note that the start time of the games on the official website and on the ticket is shown in local time.

If I can't go to the match, can I return my ticket?

The full refund and exchange policy

General provisions for the Championship are as following:

  • Return of the tickets one month before the Championship and earlier: 90% refund of ticket price
  • Return of the tickets no later than 14 days before the Championship: 50% refund of ticket price
  • Return of the tickets no later than 7 days before the Championship: 30% refund of ticket price
  • Return of the tickets no later than 1 day before the Championship: 10% refund of the ticket price

If you want to return your tickets please send your request to tickets@volley.ru stating your order number and which tickets you would like to return.

Will the tickets be personalized / non-transferable?


Will the tickets be electronic? 

Tickets purchased online can be printed at home or displayed on mobile devices. 

Tickets purchased at the box office will be printed at the box office. Please note that if you lose a ticket purchased at the box office, it will not be possible to reprint the ticket.

How much will the ticket cost?

The price of the ticket depends on the category of the seat (all spectator seats in venues are divided into 4 categories), as well as on the stage of the tournament. 

Ticket prices range from 400 to 7000 rubles (~5 to ~80 EUR). 

What types of tickets will be available at the Championship?

  • Individual tickets for a single match
  • Day pass (i.e. both matches at one venue on the same day)
  • City pass (i.e. all matches in one host city)
  • Follow the Team pass (i.e. all matches of a certain team within the first phase of the Championship).

Do I have to buy tickets for children?

Children under the age of 2 (i.e. born after August 1, 2020) are admitted to all events free of charge with a chaperone, provided they do not occupy separate seats.

For children 2 years of age and older, you must purchase an individual adult ticket with a separate seat.

Will the matches of the Championship be accessible to fans with disabilities?

All Championship venues have accessible seats for people with limited mobility.
The detailed procedure of purchasing Tickets for accessible seats is described here

Is it possible to buy skybox tickets?

All information about the hospitality program is available at hospitality2022.ru website.

Is it possible to buy tickets for a company/organization?

If you are interested in purchasing tickets for Championship on behalf of the organization, please contact us at: grouptickets@volley.ru

What does ’There are no tickets currently available' mean?

Due to possible restrictions of venues capacity during the World Championship based on epidemiological situation in the region, tickets go on sale gradually. If you see such sign on the website, it means that the ticketing quota that had been issued for sale has been sold out. If you want to be notified as soon as a new quota of tickets goes on sale, you can register on our website in User Profile and you will receive a notification to the e-mail you used to sign in.